How to Buy:

Open the page containing the Saree you like to buy. The page will be similar to the following Screenshot.

how to buy - screenshot 01

1. First choose the currency you like to use.

2. Make sure whether your shopping cart is empty or not.

how to buy - screenshot 02

3. Click "Add to cart" button.

how to buy - screenshot 03

4. Now, your shopping cart will show "1 product".

how to buy - screenshot 04

5. Point / hover your mouse cursor over your shopping cart to get drop-down detail. Now, click on "Checkout" button.

      (To shop multiple items go to Step-)

how to buy - screenshot 05  

A new page similar to the following screenshot will appear.

how to buy - screenshot 06

6. Verify that the item detail and price shown here are correct to the actual item you added to cart.

7. Verify that the Quantity shows "1". Here you can add more quantity of the same product (if available) or set it to "1", if you clicked "Add to cart" button multiple time in previous page accidentally. Just click the(+) / (-) button to adjust the quantity.

8. By clicking "DELETE" button, you can remove the selected product from your shopping cart. Use this button only if you are sure to remove the item from your cart.

9. Here you get the total price that you have to pay actually.

10. Check this box only if you have multiple products in your cart and you wish to get delivery of individual product in different address / location. (Please note, Different delivery address means separate packaging and separate shipping cost for each packet. However, NO shipping cost will be applied for FREE SHIPPING.)

how to buy - screenshot 07  

11. Please submit here the delivery address with PIN / ZIP Code. This will help you to choose the Carrier available for your location and the Shipping cost you have to pay for the delivery. (If FREE SHIPPING is available in your location for certain Carrier, you have to pay nothing for Shipping with that Carrier.)

12. Choose the Carrier you prefer from the list.

13. If you have modified any Cart detail (in Step-7 or Step-8), please click "Update cart"  button to register the modified detail correctly.

14.  If you have modified delivery address detail (in Step-11), please click "Update carrier list"  button to refresh the Carrier information.

 how to buy - screenshot 08

15. For every successful purchase you made on, as a valued customer, you earn Loyalty points. You may redeem your loyalty points any time you purchase again.

16. Loyalty points are available for registered customers only. If you buy any product without completing registration process in, no loyalty point will be credited to your account.

17. Here is your Delivery Address. (17 and 18 appear only if you have completed registration process.)

18. This is the Invoice Address. Invoice address and Delivery address are different in case you wish to get delivery to some location other than your own address. 

19. If you want to add more products to your cart, please click "Continue shopping" button.

20. Otherwise click "Next" to continue with products you have already added to cart.

 how to buy - screenshot 09

A new page will appear when you click "Next" button. Now follow thease steps.

If you are already registered and logged in, go to step-

If you are not registered yet-

21. Enter your valid e-mail address. All future communication, invoice etc. will use this address. To get benefit of loyalty points, you have to use the same e-mail id every time you make a purchase.

22. Now click "Create an account" button to register yourself.

If you are already registered but not logged in, 

23. Enter your registered e-mail id and Password in the fields provided. Remember to change your password periodically for security reason.

24. Now, click "Authentication".

 how to buy - screenshot 10

If you are already registered and logged in user, go to step-

If you have just entered your e-mail id to create an account, you may opt for Instant Checkout. (But, it is strongly recommended to complete registration process fully before checkout. As you will miss benefits of loyalty points and other offers for customers in case of Instant Checkout.)

 25. Fill in the detail for Instant Checkout.

26. Fill in the complete Delivery Address here.

27. If any of your friends has referred you to buy from, you should enter her/ his registered e-mail id here. (For detail Referral Program of, visit this link.)

28. Click "Continue".

how to buy - screenshot 11

Now, you have to check whether all addresses are correct or not. You may add new or modify existing address here.

29. If you are buying multiple products and want to get delivery of individual product to different location, please select this option.

30. to 52. items are self expressing.

how to buy - screenshot 12


how to buy - screenshot 13


how to buy - screenshot 14


how to buy - screenshot 15


how to buy - screenshot 16

 53. Now check that your cart is empty again.

how to buy - screenshot 17

For any more query feel free to contact our customer service executive through e-mail or by phone.